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Beginn: 09.07.2022 09:00 Uhr
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We would like to welcome everyone to a FAJT! It’s the most northern Fantastic Awesome Jugger Tournament!

We can finally release the date of the most northern international jugger tournament yet, it will be set at (drumroll) the weekend of 9-10th of July.

Our aim is to have a fun and friendly tournament with teams from all over the world. Leading up to the tournament we will host some activities so we can all get to know each other even better. More information on them will be posted in the upcoming newsletters. So make sure to sign up.

We want as many nations to be represented as possible, therefore the first unique nations that sign up will have priority. Apart from that Swedish teams will be prioritized and can sign up a week before everyone else, as we want them to meet all of you wonderful juggers.

~~~~ Preliminary schedule ~~~~

Friday ~ Set up your camp at the tournament grounds and make sure to deliver your pompfens to the checkers. Meet juggers and have an awesome time with people!
Saturday ~ Playday 1 - Seeding rounds and group matches.
Sunday ~ Playday 2 - last group matches, placement matches and finals.

~~~~ Location ~~~~

As with every Swedish tournament, we like to show you our most beautiful pearls. This tournament site is located in Hissjö, right outside of Umeå.

A small community sports center located by a lake with forests surrounding it. The pitch is made out of artificial turf. At the site there is a sauna, outdoor shower, barbecue, dancefloor, stage and space for playing volleyball. Tents make up the lodging and it is up to everyone participating to make sure that they have a big enough space in a tent for sleeping.

Fishing in the lake requires a licence that you can buy here: https://www.fiskekort.se/fiskevardsomrade/hissjo/

Adress: Hissjö 736, 905 91 Umeå
Coordinates: 63.9388808, 20.144542225789678

If you want to take a look at the place through pictures, discuss camping, pre-tournament activities, transportation or anything relating to the event. Do so on our facebook event.

~~~~ Tournament Fee ~~~~

The fee for the tournament will be announced in the upcoming newsletter along with the payment information. So pay attention to them! Note that if your fee is not paid on the last pay date, your spot will go to the team next in line on the waiting list.

~~~~ Accommodation ~~~~

During the tournament days (8-11th) you will be able to camp at the tournament grounds. There will be a designated spot for tents and other camping-gear. Make sure to follow the rules and regulations that we put up, so we may come back to the same spot next year.

For the international long haul juggers looking for housing before the tournament please get in contact with our local club and we'll try and get you a place to stay. You can use the contact form at https://www.umeaosport.se/. Please state where you’re from, how long you plan to stay and where we can get in touch with you.

~~~~ Food and water ~~~~

As a must on every tournament, there will be a BBQ on both days of the tournament.

There are numerous shops and shopping centers within a 15 min driving distance and a shop 10 min walking distance of the tournament grounds. Make sure that you have plenty of food and water, one extra bottle is preferable since it will be in the middle of our summer, and you will all need the energy. Empty bottles work just fine as well since tap water is drinkable.

~~~~ Rules ~~~~

The tournament will be played according to the Swedish jugger rules put in effect by Sjufo (The Swedish Jugger Association).

You can find the rules here:
English ~ Link is coming soon!

Swedish ~ https://jugger.se/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/Jugger__Svenska_regelverket-version_2_0.pdf

Note that it’s every player's responsibility to read and understand the rules before play.

~~~~ Judge/referee ~~~~

The tournament matches are judged by representatives from teams that are not active in play. Therefore we expect every team to contribute with at least two-three possible judges. These judges are expected to be well versed in the rules and also speak English fluently as this is an international tournament.

~~~~ Pompfens ~~~~

The pompfencheck will be held on Friday evening at the tournament grounds. Note that every player is responsible for their own gear and that it is according to the Swedish ruleset. Make sure that your pompfens are in good condition and according to our rules before traveling, so you don't need to repair or rebuild anything major on the night before the tournament. If you have any questions about our rules or standard pomfpencheck procedures in Sweden, you can contact the Swedish Jugger Association at info@jugger.se.

As we will probably have teams coming in with airplanes, every extra pompfen is welcome. So if you have extra pomfens that you are willing to share with others and the possibility to bring them please do.

~~~~ Important information ~~~~

As organizers of this tournament we have to point out a few important things regarding Swedish law as well as insurances.

We want to inform you that all substances labelled narcotics are illegal in Sweden. There are only three exceptions, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

Narcotics Act in English: http://www.government.se/49cd60/contentassets/3c9ccdab2eb943caadf1e8cc1bfe40ec/excerpts-from-the-act-on-penal-law-on-narcotics-1968_64.pdf
Narcotics Act in Swedish: http://www.notisum.se/rnp/sls/lag/19680064.htm
Alcohol Act in Swedish: http://www.notisum.se/pub/Doc.aspx?url=/rnp/sls/lag/20101622.htm

Pictures taken under the tournament will be used and published in different media. Observe that you, with your participation in this tournament, agree that you: give us (Svenska Juggerförbundet and Umeå Osport) as organizers full right to publish pictures and videos that you figure in. With this agreement you decline any right to further investigation or consent to the pictures. The agreement is valid for all pictures taken in connection with all activities in the program as well as everything concerning playing jugger. Of course this only applies where the organizer owns the necessary copyright of the pictures or video.

As organizers we do our best to make sure that the pictures posted are not of the nature that it will damage the person in the picture or video. And we strongly discourage participants from privately publishing pictures depicting drunk or otherwise incapable people. This can seriously damage the person in the picture as well as putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Observe that you need to check with your insurance company to make sure that you are covered if harm comes to you or if your action causes harm to someone or something else during the tournament. Be sure to have valid international insurance if an accident strikes. With your participation you have taken part of this information and agreed that your insurance is your responsibility and not the organizers.

Observe that teams including one or more players under the age of 18 have the full responsibility of making sure that the underage participants play and travel with the consent of their guardians. If the guardian is not present in the tournament the responsibility of the welfare of the underage participant falls solely on the team which they belong to. In this we expect you to take care of any additional legal documents concerning minors. To make sure that they are safe. The organizers are not responsible for any players or visitors.

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