Tournament information

Venue: España 15011 A Coruña
Pase de Los Puentes s/n
Teams: 8 / 8
Start: 29.06.2013 09:00 h
End: 29.06.2013 23:00 h
Santa Compaña [SCM], Coruña (Galicia, Spanish) Jugger Team, organize the first edition of this tournament, in the name of one of his sponsors, "La Diablita Rock Bar".

Inicially thought as a local tournament, we open its frontiers to every Galician or Spanish team.
This first edition had to be smaller than expected, stablishing a maximun of 8 teams so we can play the entire event in one day (so prize-giving runs on the house inside the sponsor's bar, and of course the following party!).

For this ocasion there will be playing:

· 6 Teams from A Coruña
· 1 Team from Vigo
· 1 Team from Zaragoza
Team ranking: 8 points
Responsible for this entry: Lébor



Final Results already published.
Thank's a lot to all players and teams for a really nice day (and night ;) ).

Special thank's to the players from Zaragoza (800 Km far), Lleida (1.100 Km far) and Vigo (160 Km far) for coming to our city for this tournament.

See you in the next tournament in Coruña!
Best regards.


I TORNEO DIABLITA will be celebrated on June 29th (saturday) in Paseo de Los Puentes park (A Coruña).

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