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We have an event on Facebook where we're posting updates and i will try to update here aswell the information is directly copied from the Facebook event:

Finally, we proudly can announce that the Järnsvenskan 2023 at Finnsjöstrand will be held. We are so excited to organize our first international tournament and will therefore be Max 20 teams. The first 2 weeks from the registration date (20/12-22) the first team from each country will have priority in registration, after that we will go in order of which day and time you are registered.

There will be plenty of space to camp, a lake to swim in and place to do barbecue for those who want. More information about practical things and gameschedules will come later.

The tournament is planned for July 15-16th-2023, but we will be there on July 14th for preparations. You are very welcome to come and socialize and hang out with us during this day as well. There will be possibilities to stay at the site until Monday 09.00

The start of Registration is 20/12-22 at 9.00 a.m swedish time.

The registration is made by the respective team captain to jarnsvenskan@gmail.com (a minimum of 5 people per team) but mercenarys are also more than welcome to sign up.

The price is set at 160 SEK per person. Information about payment will come later.

We look forward to your registration.

hello and sorry for the trouble, but since we don't really know how this page works and that we started the registration via email, we will continue to use the email as primary registration. but we will also check here and poke around a bit to learn. it's been quite a mess about the date of the tournament so I just want to clarify that v. 28 15/7-16/7 is correct
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we can happily announce the team list for the Järnsvenskan2023

1.Prisim ????????
2.Hunters ????????
3.Tribute ????????
4.Team Karin cissi ????????
5.Flying juggmen ????????
6.Fischkoppkrieger ????????
7.Peters Pawns ????????
8.Punchline ????????
9.Pool pirates ????????
10.Jugger Basilisken ????????
11.Guardia Helmántica ????????
12.Two Towers ????????
13.Juggernauts Schädeljäger ????????
14.Blackthorn ????????
15.Blutgrätsche ????????
16.Jugger Vienna ????????
17.Juggernauts ????????
18.Seven Sins ????????
19.Black River Eagles 1 ????????
20.Black River Eagles 2 ????????
21.ProblemMachine ????????

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