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Beginn: 21.07.2012 10:00 Uhr
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National Tournament of Spain

1. General information

Valencia will host once again the National Summer Tournament. It will be held in Museros by the Valencian Jugger Association on the 21st and 22nd of July 2012, thanks to the collaboration of Museros City Council. Participants and those accompanying them can arrive at Blasco Ibáñez School, where they will overnight, on Friday the 20th from 5 pm onwards.

Registration deadlines:
From Monday the 18th of June until Monday the 9th of July included. The number of participants is limited to 24 teams and therefore we recommend an early registration. If we receive more registrations than we are able to accommodate, we will consider the possibility of expanding the number of participants.

The tournament will take place on the football field of the town of Museros, which is 15 minutes away from Valencia by car or metro.
Participants will overnight in Blasco Ibáñez School. Please notice that there are two schools with the same name, so be sure you arrive at the right one (click on the link to the street map: http://imageshack.us/f/151/mapaiiisummercup.png/)

Basic registration costs 5 € per person. This price includes, at least:

** Participation in the Third Summer Cup Jugger Tournament and its possible activities
** Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday (maybe on Monday as well)
** Accommodation inside the school building or outdoors in the courtyard on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

Anyone who takes part in at least one of the three sections mentioned above must pay 5 €. Visitors (local people and friends) who are not going to take part in the tournament, overnight or have breakfast are welcome to attend as spectators for free and cheer on our participants!

2. Game rules

We will use the regulations of the Spanish Federation of Jugger Associations with possible changes to date. The organisation reserves the right to modify certain rules for this tournament, in which case you will be properly informed in advance.


During the weapon test there will be at least one member of the Federation of Jugger Associations who will not belong to Valencia to supervise and ensure the impartiality of the process. We are planning to carry out two weapon tests, on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

We will use the Swiss game system, which will be explained the day of the event. Every team will play several matches regardless of whether they win or lose.

3. Facilities and services

** You will have at your disposal showers, toilets as well as sockets in the installations.
** Very close to the field there is a swimming pool that will be open all day long (entrance price is not settled yet)
** In the town there are several shops to buy food.
** Plenty of bars/restaurants. Possibility to reserve a table for dinner in advance
** Bar in the game field itself
** Beach less than 5 kilometers from the school
** The school will remain closed during daytime hours, you will be allowed to access only for justified reasons. Although the area of the building is fenced, we recommend you to take the tents, objects, etc. from the courtyard into the building before closing the school.
** Parking lot: There are parking areas both behind the school and next to the game field (you can leave your car there even for the whole weekend).
** There is also the possibility to stay on Sunday night, so on Monday you are more rested and you can visit Valencia, go to the beach, etc.

4. Sleeping area

You can sleep inside the school building or outside in the courtyard. We recommend to bring tents or sleeping bags and sleep outside (the building is fenced) because it can get really hot inside the building, due to high summer temperatures and number or people sleeping in the same place.

It is completely forbidden to drink or smoke inside the school area.

5. Standards of behavior

- It is completely forbidden to smoke inside the school area (there may be a possibility to smoke in the courtyard, but it has not been confirmed yet).
- The school area is not a place to party, hang out or make noise. We have been warned about this. The organisation will tell you about places to go for a drink and have fun. Anyone who does not respect the rules will be thrown out and eventually sent off the tournament.
- Organizers and people in charge (see below) will have the highest authority and their decisions will be binding for all participants.

6. People in charge

Facilities: Abel Valero Jimenez
Jugger (game rules and organisation): David Martínez Torres
Decisions taken by both of us will be unappealable and well-grounded.

Abel is in charge of the school and the game area. He will have the keys and will be responsible in the eyes of Museros City Council. If you have any doubt concerning the town, the facilities, etc. you can talk to him. Any decision he may take (for misbehavior, guidelines to follow, etc.) must be respected.

David (me) is the main organiser of the tournament. I will be in charge of taking decisions together with the organization team. It is mandatory for each participant to respect the regulations of the established rules and decisions.

The rest of the members of the organisation (who will be identified) have also the right to take decisions as far as the tournament and the school facilities are concerned and they must be respected. The organisation reserves the right to modify or delete the schedule and/or activities.

Should you have any problem, please feel free to ask me. We are at your disposal for any further question or suggestion.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the III Summer Cup in Valencia!


David Martínez Torres
President of Valencian Jugger Association (Black Dragons of Valencia)

For more information please visit:
http://avjugger.foro.ag/f14-nacionales (only in Spanish)
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