Austragungsort: España 50160 Zaragoza
Calle de Marín Bagues, Leciñena
A-129, Leciñena
Startplätze: 20 / 24
Beginn: 14.04.2012 10:00 Uhr
Ende: 15.04.2012 18:00 Uhr
It's comming!

I have the pleasure to announce the new Spring National Jugger Tournament of Spain that will take place the 14-15 of April.

The tournament will take place in the town of Leciñena (15 min away from Zaragoza). We'll have access to the football field and the local Sports Hall, where we will be able to play and sleep. We'll bring some extra information soonly, as we confirm each thing, but for the time beeing I'll let you know the general idea:

Recepcion starting on Friday 13 at 18:00pm, in the Sports Hall.
First matches the Saturday 14 from 10:00am, in the football field, to 21:00
Second part will be on Sunday 15 starting at 10:00. Again in the football field.
End, prices and celebration at 15:00.

We'll have some new prices.
There will be a break for lunch. We will let you know some stores to buy and some bars to eat. The organization will bring some breakfast. And there will be a small shop in the field to buy drinks (cokes...) and snacks.
There are some showers and toilets in the field and the sports hall.
We'll arrange a small concert for saturday night. The sports hall will be only for sleeping (no party inside). We recomend to use sleeping mats and sleeping bags.
Each player/team should bring their materials (sport boots, trickots, etc) and pompfs. The organization brings the skulls, mals/bases and "the group material".
The inscription fee will be 5?.

We'll confirm all this information and bring some more info like "how can I join?"
Looking forward to meet you all. Greetings.

More info at: http://jugger.dadodedragon.es/index.php?topic=1019.msg10149#msg10149

News (27 de february): Preinscripcions starting now. We have set a limit of 4 teams per area, which can change if some areas don't complete their limit. If your team wants to come send an email to juggeraragon@gmail.com with the name and info of your team.
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Verantwortlich für diesen Eintrag: HL Alvaro


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