Austragungsort: Danmark 2100 København
Kløvermarkens Idrætsanlæg
Kløvermarksvej 50, 2300 København
Startplätze: 12 / 12
Beginn: 23.08.2024 18:00 Uhr
Ende: 25.08.2024 18:00 Uhr
Salute, Juggers!

We are thrilled to welcome you to Copenhagen for the first international jugger tournament hosted in Denmark :D It will be Probably the Best Jugger Tournament in the World(Video).

# Important Dates & Signup Process

We look forward to paying back some karmic debts as well as hosting lots of juggers from everywhere! To that end, we are saving some spots for our neighbour teams, then prioritising unique nations, and randomly selecting from whoever has signed up by the deadline. Teams will have to pay their full registration fee by the fee deadline to reserve their spot; if they don't, we will invite the next random team, and so on.

- Friday 19 January 1800: registration opens -> whoops apparently this happened on 4 January
- Wednesday 31 January 1800: registration closes, selected teams will be notified this day
- Sunday 31 March 1800: deadline for accepted teams to pay registration

## Registration Fee

750 DKK / team. We will not accept cash at the tournament, so this must be paid in advance. (Updated on 31 Jan; really sorry about the late change.)

Payable to:

Jugger Copenhagen
H.C. Hansens Gade 9, 6.th.
IBAN: DK43 5327 0000 2467 10
Bank address: Vesterbrogade 5, 1502 København V

Please put “Tournament - TEAMNAME ” in the description, so we know who paid.

# Tournament/Pitch Details

Ruleset: We are still considering the ruleset by which we will play. It will either be the Swedish or German rules. :P

Pitch: We will be playing on grass. Summertime is usually sunny and dry in Copenhagen, but it could be muddy. Watch the weather! We trust YR.no (http://YR.no) for our weather here.

Location: We expect to be at Kløvermarkens Idrætsanlæg, located close to downtown Copenhagen near Christiania and several grocery stores. You can also see the famous Copenhill (aka Trash Mountain) from our pitch! The sports hall has agreed that we can leave our gear there overnight, to be locked up from 2300-0700.

## Schedule (tentative and evolving)

1600-2030 Friday: Pompfencheck and hang out at the field

2300 Friday: Gear storage locks

0700 Saturday: Gear storage opens

0800 Saturday: Opening announcements, group warmup

0900 Saturday: First stone

1700 Saturday: Games wrapped and field cleaned up

2000 Saturday: Optional social evening at Bastard Café (Link) (see below)

2300 Saturday: Gear storage locks

0700 Sunday: Gear storage opens

0900 Sunday: Opening announcements, group warmup

1000 Sunday: First stone

1500 Sunday: Finals match

1700 Sunday: Games wrapped and field cleaned up

# Social Details

We plan to organize an outing to Bastard Café, Copenhagen’s premiere board games café, on the Saturday night of the tournament. This is an optional cost of 45 DKK/person for 3 hours of unlimited games, plus one free beer, soda, or muffin. Sign up to come with (Link)! We will reserve for however many people sign up and pay by June 15.

# Logistical/Travel Details

## Getting to Copenhagen

We have a port, an airport, and a large train station. No surprises there. There are ferries that can bring cars up from Germany at the southern end of Sjælland (the island on which Copenhagen is located), which are great. Parking in Copenhagen can be slightly tricky, but it’s definitely possible. Campervans can stay a stone-throw away from the pitch (Link).

## Getting around Copenhagen

Our public transit is really good, and you can get unlimited transit passes for 1 or more days (CityPass (Link)) from the DOT app. Public transit includes metros, trains, busses, and boats (yes, we have a bus boat). There are also bike and scooter share services: Donkey, Voi, Bolt, Lime, etc. With some pre-planning, it is also possible to rent a cargo bike (though a bit expensive). Driving a private car is possible, but not as convenient as the other things, also because there are essentially no free of charge parking spots in the downtown area.

## Staying in Copenhagen

Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to find a hall in which to host visiting teams, but we are still working on this. Some of our players will be able to host partial or complete teams; if you are interested in this please sign up here (Link). We cannot guarantee housing for everyone, and we will prioritise teams who travel further to come. There are lots of hostels and hotels in the city, and campgrounds on the outskirts. We have heard really good things about Charlottenlund Fort (https://campingcopenhagen.dk/)! And City Camp (https://maps.app.goo.gl/GXSias5P3uefbZtP6) is *very* nearby for those who have camper vans.

## Eating and Drinking in Copenhagen

We will not have any BBQ facilities at this tournament ground :') Copenhagen is a tough place for BBQs (charcoal burning is essentially forbidden within city limits, though ok in some parks with stone BBQs). There are grocery stores within walking distance of the pitch, and a couple of great takeout food court-type places nearby with diverse options: Reffen (Link) (a bit farther and much bigger) and Broens Gadekøkken (Link) (closer and smaller).

The tap water here is drinkable, so no need to buy water.

# Other Informational Stuff

We will take pictures of everyone at the tournament, and by signing up you agree that we can take pictures of you for our club’s use and public media. If you don’t want this, talk to us in person at the tournament.

We will only allow players who are 15 or older, and those under 18 should be accompanied by someone who is legally responsible for them (hint: it’s not us!).

Please help us keep the field tidy so that we could perhaps use it again!
Teamwertung: 12 Punkte
Verantwortlich für diesen Eintrag: Valkyrie Savage


1. Skøll Danmark København
2. Hati Danmark København
3. Blutgrätsche Deutschland Lübeck
4. Fischkoppkrieger Deutschland Kiel
5. Jugger Basilisken Basel Schweiz Basel
6. Jugger Vienna Österreich Wien
7. Likedeeler Deutschland Rostock
8. Nordische Sport Amatuere (NSA) Deutschland Flensburg
9. SpVgg Rasenschach Deutschland Rethwisch
10. Two Towers Lietuva Vilnius
11. Umeå Osport Sverige Umeå
12. Bushido Jugger España Valladolid


1. Malzeit! Deutschland Essen
2. Beast Pirates Deutschland Ludwigsburg
3. NLG Deutschland Lauffen am Neckar
4. Quak Pack Deutschland Quakenbrück
5. Flying JUGGmen Bonn Deutschland Bonn
6. Aixcalibur Deutschland Aachen
7. ProblemMachine Deutschland Heilbronn
8. Rigor Mortis Deutschland Berlin
9. Bochum Juggers Deutschland Bochum
10. Grünanlagen Guerilla Deutschland Berlin


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