Latvian Jugger Open 2019
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Startplätze: 11 / 16
Beginn: 2019-08-24 10:00 Uhr
Ende: 2019-08-25 17:00 Uhr
Summer is almost over but you haven’t gotten enough of it? Seems like it was great but still something missing? Maybe you dream of an exciting adventure as a closure? Well, we are happy to announce, that there is one made right for you!

Welcome to Latvian Jugger Open 2019.

When? – From 22nd August till 25th August

What have we planned for you?

Great game, even greater company of people, sun, camp, beach, fresh air and all the other things necessary for the perfect event. Lots of people you know from Jugger clubs all around the world and of course, some new faces to get to know.

22nd till 23th Arriving and Preparty

Time to arrive and step a foot in one of the greatest and most beautiful countries in the World. This will be a two-day preparation for the tournament with some wild adventures. Participants will have an opportunity to reunite with old Jugger friends and get acquainted with newest Jugger lovers. Fun, jokes, laugh and great time guaranteed. P.S. Beware of mosquitos, they love to play Jugger as well and they are dirty players.

24th – The big day of Jugger tournament The main reason to visit Latvia is finally here – The Big Tournament day. Teams will be divided in smaller groups which will qualify for playoffs. Time for games to start will be in the morning, around 10 o`clock and will finish after the “Team of the day” will be announced.

25th – Beach day If you were here the last time, you know that beach Jugger is even better than the classic one. If you haven’t tried it before – here's your chance. In other words – this will be a day at the beach with sun, warm wind, cocktails and swimming suits. A day to relax and prepare for the way home. Considering that most of the people could be exhausted from the main tournament, this will be much shorter - with a single elimination bracket. If you prefer to watch - go on, this is not mandatory and is made for fun. {A more accurate plan of the event, pre-party activities and more details will be published in time, depending on the number of applicants.} Where? – In Latvia of course! But if you need to know more details, here they are: The main tournament will take place at Hunter's club “Markulici” (GPS: 57.3005 24.9087). Best arriving option would be by car. This will give you an opportunity to do some exploring around. However, it is possible to arrive by a public bus as well. “Markulici” has a camping site, so the overnight will be in tents by a fireplace. If you love camping, this is a great oportunity to stargaze, cook your meals on a campfire and enjoy the end of summer in fresh air, away from city polution and noise. If you are not into camping that much and decide against feeding the mosquitoes, there is a tavern approximately 2 km from the camping site, which can provide you accommodations for an extra cost, of course. All the participants can order some food and drinks before the event. Order will be transferred to the camping site, so you will save some troubles of thinking about this. For more details please contact us before hand via e-mail: . Considering that this is a hunter`s club, everyone who dares will have a chance to practice some shooting (unfortunately this is not included in participation cost).

Apply here!

Feeling excited already? We too! - So, don’t take your time and apply right now!

You may apply team until 31.07.2019.

For any further questions, recommendations or other nice words please contact us either via email: our Facebook page: Jugger Latvia or main organiser Roberts Silis directly.

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Latvian Jugger Open 2019 - JTR | Jugger - Turniere - Ranglisten

1. PRISM Deutschland Mixteam
2. Fischkoppkrieger Deutschland Kiel
3. Two Towers Lietuva Vilnius
4. Munich Monks Deutschland München
5. G-Hill Boars Latvija Riga
6. G-Hill Deers Latvija Riga
7. Juggernauts Deutschland Erlangen
8. Rampage (Ireland) Ireland Dublin
9. Setanta Ireland Dublin
10. Jugger Vienna Österreich Wien
11. Seven Sins Deutschland Minas Morgul

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