Austragungsort: Ceská republika Nový Jicín
Drobneho Str., 60200 Brno
altes Fußbalstadion Za Luzankami
Startplätze: 7 / 8
Beginn: 05.05.2018 09:00 Uhr
Ende: 05.05.2018 18:00 Uhr
== DE ==
Willkommen beim 2. jugger.cz Open! Wir laden euch wieder zu der einzigartigen Atmosphäre des alten Fussballstadion Za Lužánkami in Brno... =)

Zum Turnier:
Acht Teams werden von morgen bis Abend Round-Robin spielen (jeder gegen jeden) spielen. Damit wir alles zeitlich schaffen können, wird paralell auf zwei Feldern gespielt.

Jedes Team soll mindestens 5+1 Spieler haben und höchstens 8+1 Spieler. Der +1 Spieler wird als Schiedsrichter eingesetzt, sodass ein Team auf einem Feld spielen kann und +1 Spieler zur gleichen Zeit auf dem anderen Feld einen Schiedsrichter machen kann. Spieler im Team können sich in der Schiedsrichterrolle abwechseln, müssen aber nicht. Für den Schiedsrichter wird keine Startgebühr gezahlt.

Die Startgebühr beträgt 8 Euro pro Spieler.

Wir hätten gerne mehrere tschechische Teams, deswegen lassen wir den ein Wenig Vorsprung. Und zwar entweder 7 Tage, oder bis 4 Teams angememeldet sind, wasauchimmer früher vorkommt.

Wir sehen uns im Stadion!

== EN ==
Welcome to the 2nd jugger.cz Open! Join us in the great atmosphere of the old football stadium Za Lužánkami in Brno... =)

About the tournament:
Eight teams will compete round-robin style on two fields from dusk till dawn.

Each team should have at least 5+1 players and
at most 8+1 players. The +1 player will be a referee, so that a team can play a match on one field and the +1 player can be a referee at the other field at the same time. Players may but are not forced to switching the role of the referee. No starting fee will be paid for the referee.

The starting fee will be 8 Euro per player.

We would like to have a few czech teams and therefore we'd like to give them a little head start. Either 7 days or until there are 4 Teams registered, whatever happens first.

See you at the stadium!
Teamwertung: 7 Punkte
Verantwortlich für diesen Eintrag: hanz



If you would like to join the tournament as a mercenary, go to the tournament fb event (https://www.facebook.com/events/954292681395551/) and ask! Some teams might want you =)


We have prepared tournament souvenir jerseys!!

If you want to see them or order one, visit our fb event of the tournament (link below). We need a quick response, we take orders only till this Sunday 8th April 18:00h!



Hello teams and welcome to the 2. jugger.cz Open!

Here is the first batch of information for you. Veterans of the last year won't be suprised, most of the organizational stuff is pretty much the same.


2. jugger.cz is a single-day-tournament in Brno at the old stadium Za Lužánkami. It will start in the morning, end in the evening and will be proceeded by food and drinks in a pub. We would recommend to get an accomodation for at least the following night so that we can enjoy the pub together. Unfortunatelly, we are not from Brno and therefore we cannot offer any accommodation ourselves. We also have the stadium only for one day, so we cannot offer tent pitches either. We'll give you some tips for hostels though.

In this map you'll find all the interesting spots you'll need to know. Enjoy:

Here is the outline of the tournament:

8:30 - 9:00 arrival and registration
9:00 - 9:30 pompfencheck
9:30 opening
10:00 - 18:00 matches
18:00 finish, award ceremony / clean up
20:00 - ??:?? pub (after-party)

There will be 28 matches (round-robin style) on two fields. Each match should take 30 minutes max, which gives us 7 hours of jugger in total. During this time, each team has to provide one person as a referee (people can switch in the role of referee). We belive in the passive role of referees; each player should trust the oponent and rely on their fairness. The referee should be the last resort. We'll play according to the current czech rules (http://jugger.cz/download - czech version only), which correspond to the German rules from 2017 (we won't update before the tournament, minor differences in pompfen sizes due to the new regulation will be handled so that everybody is happy). Each team can have an arbitrarily large support group with, the stadium used to host 60 000 people =) The support group can cheer their hearts out. There will also be a third playground for guests, so support people and visitors can play as much as they want. If enough support people come, they can have their own little side-kick tournament =) In the off-time, teams can refresh and eat. There !might! be a common lunch break.

Something about the stadium:
The stadium Za Lužánkami is indeed a beautiful place, but there is neither electricity nor water supply. We take care for the most basic things, but you should keep that in mind. The toilets will be available in the tennis hall next-door, but unfortunately there won´t be showers available. There won´t be any electric supply either. We will have some barrels with drinking water for the players and some snacks. Next to the stadium, there is a pizzeria where you can grab some food or drinks as well.

The tournament takes place outside come rain or shine. We do not have any backup hall or other indoor place. There is no roofed space in the stadium. We hope to have a great weather, but you might want to be slightly pessimistic and prepare for not that friendly one, too.

Stuff to take with:
- Food and drinks, in case you have some special desires or you do not want to buy food on site
- Sun/Rain/OtherWeather protection
- Something soft to sit on (on the stadium there are just concrete benches)
- Fans and jugger friends. The people who are not playing in team will have the possibility to play on the third playground, to present the jugger to the visitors or help out with stuff. And, of course, they can cheer for their team and watch and compare the performance of the others!
- Pompfen and other equipment. In case you have the opportunity.
- Footbal boots could be useful as well. You can also wear soft protectors, if you wish. (The hard ones you can leave at home :) )


Well, you have a plenty of options. Take a look at the map (link above) to see where things are happening. There is a plenty of hotels and hostels, just zoom in, ask google or some accommodation portal like booking.com or airbnb. You can get anywhere with trams and busses. Parking at the stadium is not a problem, parking in town can be trickier. In case somebody thinks of leaving the car at the stadium even during the night, we are not sure how good an idea that is. The place will probably get quite empty in the evening and a lone car with a foreign sign far from any watching eyes might be a recipe for a bad morning.

We would recommend something in the town centre. It is not hard to get to the stadium with a tram, the pub we'll go to is in the centre as well and you can go through all the bars there and still have your bed around a few corners. We also listed some options which are directly around the stadium.

In case you'll need more information, let us know, we'll be happy to help you out =)

We hope you have all the information you need and we are looking forward to see you soon!

From jugger.cz with love,

Hanz & Zuzka


Die Anmeldung ist jetzt für alle Teams freigeschaltet!

The registration is now open for all teams!

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