Järnsvenskan 2018
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Järnboås Finnsjöstrand
Startplätze: 25 / 24
Beginn: 2018-06-01 10:00 Uhr
Ende: 2018-06-03 17:00 Uhr
Note that a certain amount of slots is reserved to offer other international teams a chance. Those slots will be opened in time if they are not used (estimated: January). Just to avoid misunderstandings: If you already have registered your team for an open slot, and pay the team fee in time, you are in.

+++Please send us your e-mail so that we can keep you informed. You can use the JTR's contact button above, or the form at
http://jarnsvenskan.se/index.php?/contact.html +++

Matches will be Sat/Sun, starting at 10/11 am and ending ca 4 pm.
Camping at Finnsjöstrand is possible as always.

Not fixed yet, but it should be around 25 Euro per team (5-8 players), as in 2016. Wristbands and tickets are included, of course.
The amount will have to be paid in advance to make your registration valid. Details will follow soon along with the first newsletter.

We hope to get bands on stage both Fri and Sat, after the matches ( starting ca 17 pm, ending ca 11 pm). The co-operation with experienced festival organisers from Örebro and even support of the organizer of the former Metallsvenskan festival in Örebro do sound promising.

A newsletter is in preparation.

Since I love the good old concert tickets, I plan to do those. And we need wristbands, of course. Trivial, yes. Fun, indeed. Well now, we want that you all make your way from all over the world to lilla Järnboås again! Finnsjöstrand is waiting ...
Note that everything right now is in the pre-planning stage. Note also that we will have a hard team cap, and some places will be reserved for certain teams :)

After what has happened, either this will be a success or you will not hear of me in Jugger matters again. Looks good already in any case, and the navigational adrenaline tanks are topped full.

Note that I tend to miss messages through Facebook messenger. Please contact me directly in case of questions. You can use the JTR's contact button above, or the form at

Dreimal Wahnsinnige!

/yours faithfully, the Uhu approaching on dive attack vector

Verantwortlich für diesen Eintrag: Ein Uhu
Teamwertung: 20 Punkte
Ligawertung: nein

Järnsvenskan 2018 - JTR | Jugger - Turniere - Ranglisten

1. Järnboås Järnfalkar Sverige Järnboås
2. Fischkoppkrieger 2 Deutschland Kiel
3. Nordische Sport Amatuere (NSA) Deutschland Flensburg
4. Chaos in Action (CIA) Deutschland Flensburg
5. Fischkoppkrieger Deutschland Kiel
6. Blutgrätsche Deutschland Lübeck
7. PRISM Deutschland Mixteam
8. Hunters Sverige Lindesberg
9. Bergslagstrollen lag 1 Argentina -
10. Bergslagstrollen lag 2 Sverige Lindesberg
11. Flying JUGGmen Bonn Deutschland Bonn
12. The Wild Geese Ireland Dublin
13. Lahnveilchen Gießen Deutschland Gießen
14. Gallowglass Ireland Dublin
15. Blackthorn Deutschland Düsseldorf
16. G-Hill Deers Latvija Riga
17. G-Hill Boars Latvija Riga
18. Living Undeads Deutschland Hannover
19. Hannover Haumichblau Deutschland Hannover
20. The Legion Ireland Dublin
21. Zonenkinder Deutschland Jena
22. Jugger Vienna Österreich Wien
23. Jugger Asylum Deutschland Bendorf
24. Gurkentruppe Deutschland Mixteam
25. Affen mit Waffeln Deutschland Sulzbach-Rosenberg
The team registration for Järnsvenskan 2018 is now closed. A newsletter is in preparation and will be sent soon.
E-mail about the team fees and list has been sent. If you didn't receive it, please get in touch. Thanks!
First "Alpha"-newsletter is out now. Please give me a call if you didn't get one.
If you register your team, please send me the contact e-mail address you also use at registration. I will need it
1. to adjust the slots when considering the reserved places and the queue,
2. to send even teams queuing up the newsletter.
the Uhu
Registration is open. Please register even if the tournament is overbooked, you will be placed in the queue.
Description updated, please read.
The date is set: 1-3 of June 2018. Matches 2-3 June, ca 10/11-4pm.