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Beginn: 26.08.2017 10:00 Uhr
Ende: 27.08.2017 19:00 Uhr
Although Latvia might be new to the jugger stage, we do have something to show! And why not to come and see it?

We would like to invite all of you to our first international tournament: Latvian Jugger Open!

The tournament will be held at a camping site near the town of "Ragana". (Latvian word for "Witch"). The venue is going to be located about 40 kilometers away from the Baltic sea and even less - 15 kilometers from the beautiful Gauja's National Park.

It is possible to get to the venue by using public transport. A city bus can take you straight from the airport to the central bus station, from where it's another bus ride with buses going to "Valmiera". Bus leaves Riga central bus station about once an hour and you should ride up to the bus stop "Brasla", which is located around 2 km away from the venue.

We would recommend coming with your own car, or renting one here, however. Equipment transportation might be rather inconvenient, by using public transport. If you need to rent a car, you can do so from any major car rental company, or use our local version of craigslist - "ss.lv" to get one much cheaper.

The whole event is planned to last from 24th to 27th of August with the main tournament being held on 26th (Saturday).
From 24th to 25th we are organizing sightseeing around Gauja's National Park, Turaida's Castle, and Sigulda.
For those, who would prefer to explore Latvia in a little bit more active way, why not to have paintball match or try out the tree climbing track "Mezakakis" in Sigulda? For these "side events" we will require a separate signup, since not everyone coming to the tournament will want to take part.

As for the main event: the tournament starts on 26th of August at 10:00 and ends when all the games are done. The tournament format is that of a group stage, to find out the teams that qualify for the playoffs, followed by playoffs right after.

On the Sunday 27th we are doing something new. THE FIRST EVER (Umn, is it? We hope it is...) beach jugger tournament in the world!
The game rules will be exactly the same, but have you played jugger on sand? If you haven't, you should!
We do take in consideration the fact, that most people will be exhausted from the main tournament, so the beach tournament will be much shorter. Single elimination bracket and participation is not mandatory, even if you did play in the main tournament, as this tournament will give no league points. So for those, who are not too competitive it will be a regular day on a beach, but with jugger in it.

As for the logistics. Accommodations will be in tents at the tournament grounds. There should be drinking water and fireplaces, so if you want to have a warm meal, you should bring your own pot to boil on a fireplace (or simply drive to the closest town to eat). In case if camping is not your favorite thing to do, there are few hotels in Sigulda (20km) and Saulkrasti (40km).

As for the expenses. In Latvia we use Euro, so currency shouldn't be much of an issue for most of you. Prices in Latvia are rather low. Transportation from the airport to the venue by public transport cost around 4 Euros one way. Daily food expenses shouldn't go far above 5 Euros per day.

As for the tournament costs. Unfortunately we did not manage to arrange anything with Krimulda's municipality, so we were forced to rent a private camping place. The cost will be 15 Euros per player. Transfer should be done until 5th of July to the following bank account. In the reference window indicate which team and how many members are you paying for. LV41HABA0551024354621 ROBERTS SILIS

Any questions can be sent to Egotheist2@gmail.com or asked straight on Jugger Latvia facebook page. For any more specific questions, you can call Valters Meirens +371 26 167 199 or Roberts Silis +371 283 11 482.
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