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Startplätze: 14 / 15
Beginn: 04.06.2016 16:00 Uhr
Ende: 05.06.2016 23:00 Uhr
The tournament will be held on the 5th of June.
See facebook for details until we can be a bit more specific: =>Facebook link<=
Teamwertung: 14 Punkte
Verantwortlich für diesen Eintrag: Ein Uhu



==CAMPING: Please read the news on the forum at http://forum.jugger.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5838&p=84253#p84253


"Maybe the last" newsletter has been sent last week. Please contact me if you didn't receive one, or read it at the Jugger forum thread.
Some important bits:
[b]Metallsvenskan on Thursday:[/b]
Thursday in included if you take the fri-sat wristbands. Tobba Andersson from Studiefrämjandet Örebro will be on the Metallsvenskan festival grounds place on thruday and can hand you your wristbands.
Please contact him about the when and where:
http://www.studieframjandet.se/Orebro/I ... Andersson/
(you can get the e-mail contact details through mailing me)

There are some teams whoordered shirts but need les, since some of their players finally cabn't come to Järnsvenskan in the end but have ordered shirts. So if you want some, there are sizes M and S left now.
Note that we are very sorry taht shirts that cannot be sold have to be paid for by the teams who ordered them.
So ... welcome to buy! Comes first serves first!

Please remember to drop us a note if you need a lift so that we know in advance how many places are needed. Counting on spontaneous lifts on sunday would be ... risky ...


Please transfer the fee until tomorrow. I will report in a week when all money transfers should be done.
Here are those who have paid already:
Berkeley Riot
The Flying Juggmen
Keine Ahnung (to come)
Arizona (we will find a way)
Lindesberg (through offering stage technique)
Please contact me if you are not on the list but have paid.
All Euro payers, please use my German account instead please.

Between 2 and 11 of June, the west wing of the Bygdegård (the nice red houses right where the tournament takes place at) if free for booking. One team has already booked the night 5-6 of June.
Note that you also can book "stugor" (cabins) at Gustavsvik Camping where we stay friday-sunday morning for Metallsvenskan in Örebro. The Irish enjoyed those a LOT I think :)
Please get in touch with Gustavsvik directly for booking.
Please contact me if you wish to book a cabin in Järnboås, we have also some other people offering cabins in the woods and so forth.

Yesyes, there should be some again. Design and quality will be (about) the same as last year. Price will be maximum 22 Euro, but I hope we can get a cheaper offer this year (keep in mind that 25% are VAT here).
Please REPLY to this mail by inserting the number of shirts you want:
__x XXS, __x XS,__x S,__x M,__x L,__x XL,__x XXL



All teams that *did not* already send me their email address, please do so asap. Thanks! /Uhu

For the design of the t-shirt I would need high-res images of your team logos in black&white. If possible not with too fine details because those might not be printable. A moderate level of details is fine of course, see the logos of the last years. No need to resend those that I already got last year.

Fine for example are:
Filetype: png, tif, svg, eps
Resolution: 300 dpi min., 600 dpi optimum, 1200 dpi max.
Size: around 10x10 cm
Colors: Monochrome / B&W, no shades


The first newsletter with all (most) basic informations about Järnsvenskan 2016 has been sent.
if you didn't receive it, please contact us asap. Thanks!


We have extended the team cap to 16 teams.
A newsletter with the most important details will soon be on it's way.
Be sure to drop Uhu your e-mail!


Latvia, of course. Sorry. Too many languages.



=> PLEASE SEND ME A MAIL ADDRESS to contact you team directly. Thanks! <=

We already have got 15 teams registered for Järnsvenskan -- even from the US and Lithuania, but of course also from Ireland and Germany as well.
We will open the tournament more so that 15 teams can participate, so all of you can be with us!
Also, you will soon receive a newsletter with further informations.
The presentation at Metallsvenskan is confirmed. The festival will be in a different place, but in Örebro as last year. See http://www.metallsvenskan.se.
We should even manage to pack some bands on the stage of Finnsjöstand, good ones from Örebro and Lindesberg, but also even a Heavy metal band from Berlin (all to be confirmed but realistic).
Festival T-shirts may also be done, more about that in the newsletter.
This time, we decided to take a small fee, as it has become usual in tournaments -- mostly so that we can be sure that registered teams will indeed turn up. It will be 5€ /player, payment for 5 players per team in advance until a set date, to make your registration valid. Otherwise waiting listed teams will change place with you.
Payment details and deadline will follow with the newsletter.
if you know any other teams interested, please tell them to register as quickly as possible, or contact me. Thanks!

Until then, have a look at http://jarnsvenskan.se -- the information there is still from 2015, but most of it is still valid, and I will update along with the newsletter.

We are really really happy that you want to join us at our beautiful lake-with-a-sauna-and-red-houses-place and Metallsvenskan!

Looking forward,
Ruben aka Uhu


12 teams have registered. Please register your team anyway so that you get in the waiting line. If a team hopps off, you might get the place anyway. We might also open the tournament for more teams if required.


The date for the tournament has been set. Registration is open.
=>Facebook link<=

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