Tournament information

Venue: United States of America 85282 Tempe
48th St & Alamdea Dr.
Tempe Diablo Stadium
Teams: 5 / -
Start: 12.01.2024 16:00 h
End: 14.01.2024 18:00 h
Hello, it is with great pleasure to announce Dry Heat 2024. This will take place on January 12-14 (Which here in the U.S is Martin Luther King weekend).

Everything regarding the tournament will be announced on the NJA discord

Housing request forms and registration will be announced on 04/10/2023 on the discord as well.

*Fees are per person*
- If you are an ASU (Arizona State University) student, your entry fee is $25
- If you are an in-state player from Arizona your entry fee is $30
- If you are an out of state player OR international your fee is $25 until 15/12/2023. After this date the fee will increase to $30.
*Contact Kumail Hirmandi regarding payments prior to 15/12/2023*

*This is the registration form
- The deadline for registration is 19/11/2023 at 23:59
*This is the housing form
- The deadline for housing forms are 3/12/20223 at 23:59
*Due to limited housing we will be assigning housing in the order of submissions.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to reach out to Kumail Hirmandi on Discord (FLIPT0P#8558) or on Facebook.
Team ranking: 5 points
Responsible for this entry: Kumail Hirmandi


1. Desert Wolves United States of America Arizona
2. Ursae Majoris United States of America Berkeley
3. Baja Blasts United States of America California
4. Elementals United States of America Portland
5. Marauders United States of America Colorado Springs


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