Tournament information

Venue: Ceská republika 16252 Praha
José Martího 31
Sports Faculty of the Charles University sporting facility
Teams: 9 / 16
Start: 13.05.2023 09:00 h
End: 14.05.2023 16:00 h
Hello teams and welcome to 5th Open!

5. is a friendly two-day-tournament in Praha at the Sports Faculty of the Charles University sporting facility. It will start on Saturday in the morning (with pomfencheck on Friday evening), games will be played till the evening and then there will be the possibility of food and drinks in a nearby restaurant (a.k.a. party). On Sunday, games will continue from the morning and the tournament will end in the early afternoon. There is no possibility of camping at the facility. Parking is free on weekends.

In this map you'll find all the interesting spots you'll need to know. Enjoy:

Here is an outline of the tournament:

Friday 12. 5.
18:00 – 21:00 Pompfencheck

Saturday 13. 5.
10:00 - 12:30 Pompfencheck for people arriving on Saturday
13:00 Announcements
13:30 – 18:00 Matches
20:00 Party

Sunday 14. 5.
9:30 Announcements
10:00 – 12:00 Matches
12:00 – 13:00 Final
13:00 Award ceremony

There are 16 teams planned for the tournament. In case more than 16 teams register, we will draw the 16 teams that will participate. We'll be playing the bracket system and matches will take place on four fields simultaneously. We’ll be playing sets and teams not playing have to provide people as referees. The tournament will be tracked in Tugeny, but teams are not required to be online (organizers will take care of the process).

Each team can have up to 10 players. Each player will pay a registration fee of 400 K? (18 Euro) that will be used for tournament-related expenses. The registration fee will be paid by a bank transfer in the days following the registration. The payment details will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the registration.

Each person younger than 18 has to have a written consent on participation from the legal guardian. Additionally, one adult member of the team must be mentioned as the main responsible. If a team wants to have a player that is younger than 15, the team can write us an email to and we will gather some relevant information about the player and then we will decide whether the player will be granted an exception or not.

Referees and rules:
We believe in the passive role of referees; each player should trust the opponent and rely on their fairness. The referee should be the last resort. Referees should not intercept the game if it seems to run smoothly, even if they think the situation happened differently. If players are fine, everything is fine. We'll play according to the czech rules, which pretty much correspond to the current German rules. Here are a few things that we’d like to point out:
- pompfencheck: chain: if the chain is made out of fabric strap, it is considered soft/padded as it is and so only the 25 cm near the ball should be made stiffer so that the ball does not “lock” around other pompfen and the connection between ball and chain is padded
- qwiks can be hit on the jug as long as they carry it
- hand can only be called when the hand touches the pompfe (no blocking with hands possible)
- if a hit does not count, it has to be called (as hand or head or you didn’t hold your pomp correctly…). Calling “hand“ (“ruka“), “head“ (“hlava“) or “double“ (“oba“) is a must, not a nice to have. Calling “nothing“/“no hit” (“nic“) instead of hand or head is also an option. Both english and czech terms are allowed. Double is when the players cannot distinguish the moment of both hits (even if they may be distinguishable). The referee supports in case the players do not agree with each other.
- if you get hit by the chain and the chain wraps around you or your pompfe, you have to cooperate in detangling.
- kneeling players are not allowed to hide the jug (e.g., between their legs when kneeling) nor actively prevent opponents from handling the jugg (e.g. by moving or so)
- you have to return to the pitch to count your penalty (no part of the body of a kneeling/counting player can touch the off
- you have to count with one hand on your back when kneeling
- moving of pompfen while kneeling is allowed, however, the pompfen should remain flat on the ground

Each team can have an arbitrarily large support group with. The support group can cheer their hearts out. In the off-time, teams can refresh (however, keep in mind refereeing). The tournament will also be open for spectators and bypassers.

Something about the tournament venue:
The sporting facility of the Sports Faculty of the Charles University in Prague is a professional sporting venue with a football field (which we will be using), a running track, a few spots for athletics disciplines and also a softball pitch. This also means that the grass as well as the running surfaces have to be taken very specific care for and there are limitations as to what can be done/used on those surfaces. We will have locker rooms available with toilets, showers and lockers. We will provide some basic food and drinks for refreshment. There is also a pub right next to the football field. As mentioned earlier, parking is available and free on Saturday and Sunday.

The tournament takes place outside come rain or shine. We do not have any backup hall or other indoor place. In case of severely bad weather, we might be forced to cancel the tournament.

In order to handle mercenaries, teams wanting mercenaries as well as people wanting to join as mercenaries can use the following document. Every line corresponds to one available mercenary. Mercenaries fill the first two columns, teams looking for mercenaries fill the third column. Please keep it updated, especially if a mercenary changes their mind and decides not to join.

Party is planned for Saturday evening and will be open for everybody (players as well as spectators, no age limitations), so far we are working on using the pub next to the tournament venue. More info follows later.

Public transport:
The tournament venue is well accessible with public transport - see the map above for stops etc. Tickets are valid for all transport means (metro, tram, bus, ferry) and can be bought in ticket machines or through an app. Additionally, in trams they can be bought directly inside using a card. Warning: SMS tickets can be bought ONLY from a Czech phone number! All relevant information is to be found on the Prague Public Transport website (available in english as well as german):

So, that should be it. We hope you have all the information you need and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!
Team ranking: 9 points
Responsible for this entry: hanz



Hello teams,

we have sent payment information to participating teams. WE STILL HAVE THREE MORE SPOTS AVAILABLE, SO OTHER TEAMS CAN STILL JOIN!

See you soon,



Hello everybody,

we still have a few spots left on our tournament, so let's do something about it! We will be drawing the participating teams this Sunday (March 26th) at 10pm from those teams that will be registered at that time. Afterwards, registration remains open, but it will be first come, first serve (no drawing anymore).

So if you want to gamble for your spots, go ahead and register now!


Warm up your keyboards, the registration for 5th Open in Prague opens tomorrow on Monday March 6th at 9am!! Looking forward to see you on the list =)

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