Latvian Jugger Open 2018
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Beginn: 2018-08-25 10:00 Uhr
Ende: 2018-08-26 21:00 Uhr
Hello, Juggers of the world (yes, even Australians)! It's that time of the year again! Latvian Jugger Open time! Possibly, the most wonderful time of the year!

For those of you, who were here last year, I don't have to tell you, that Latvia is beautiful and totally worth to visit, as you already know it.
For those who still haven't been here, we are giving you a chance to fix that mistake.

Same as last year, we are going to have a bunch of events, that build up to the tournament. Specifications of time, cost and other properties will come later, as we get closer to the August, but another boat ride on Brasla is certainly on the list, as well as a hike trough Latvian forests in river's "Gauja" valley and national park. If there will be enough new faces, we might include a tour around Turaida's castle once more. (Castle built in 1214)
Mentioning this as seeing the same castle two years in a row, might not be as exciting.

Accommodations, same as last year, will be held at the tournament grounds - hunters club "Markulici". There will be electricity and drinkable water at the tournament grounds, so you don't have to worry about that. We are still trying to find a solution for showers.

Since the event will be held at a hunters club, owners of the location are offering possibility to try out few different hunting rifles for extra cost. (Basically the cost of ammunition). And archery practice as well, but for this you need to sign up in advance, because it's a different club organising the archery range.

The tournament itself will be held on Saturday (25th of August) at the tournament and camping grounds. The exact tournament format will be known, after we have exact number of participating teams. In case if the tournament gets filled (16 teams arrive), it will be a simple 4 group round robin group stage followed by quarterfinals, semifinals and finals, however this will be adjusted accordingly, when we get closer to the tournament day.

On Sunday 26th of August the 2nd Latvian Jugger Beach Tournament will be held. Or short LJBT. Once again, format of which will be specified at a later date.

Event fee of 20 euros per participant should be transferred to Jugger Latvia Paypal account until 3rd of August. ( It would be highly preferred if the whole team would do this in one payment. The payment will cover organisation expenses, water, electricity, firewood and the rent of camping/tournament ground itself. (The accommodations are included in the 20 euro cost)

In case if sleeping in tents, singing songs by a fireplace, or gazing at stars in a summer night, while laying in a net above a river is not for you, there is a tavern (Yes, i would literally call it a tavern!!!) in an approximately 20 minute walk or 5 minute drive from the tournament grounds. There are also some hotels in the nearby towns. Sigulda, Saulkrasti and potentially some motels even closer.

About getting to the tournament grounds. In case if you have arrive by plane and do not want to rent a car, it is possible to get to the tournament grounds via public transport, but we would still suggest you to rent a car in Latvia. You can either use one of big companies, or use Latvian version of craigslist "". Unfortunately the page is only in Latvian or Russian, so you would have to find someone to translate it for you, or learn Latvian. Might be worth it, however, as prices there are much lower than what big companies offer.

In a situation where you absolutely don't want to rent a car, or can't rent one, you can get to the city center from the airport with bus nr 22, where you get out right at the central bus station, from which you take a bus going from Riga to Vamiera up to the bus stop "Brasla", from where it's a 20-30 minute walk to the tournament grounds. Or we can simply send someone to pick you up there. Bus tickets are cheap in Latvia. Getting from the airport to the camping site should cost less than 5 euros.
In case if you arrived by train or bus, you are already next to the bus station, so skip the bus nr 22 part.

About food. The camping grounds are in the middle of a forest, so no shops there. You should prepare beforehand. However, there are few smaller shops within 10km radius from the camping grounds, so in case if you are hungry, you can go to those shops.

Also, this year we are planning to have some organised shop visiting. Once a day we will organise a car, which will go to the shop at a specific time and bring you everything you might need. We will provide a list with prices of things, that you can order from the shop, pay the person responsible for shopping and they will bring the goods to the tournament grounds, so you might actually skip the shopping part. Exact list with prices will pop up in newsletters sometime in the middle of summer, as shops might open/close or change prices up to that.

As well as ordering things on spot, this year we are going to allow you to preorder food and drinks before you arrive to Latvia. Why bring boxes of beer with you, if you can arrive, and it will be waiting for you, straight from the fridge. Together with drinks we are planning to let you preorder some food as well, but same as the shop orders, exact listing with prices will come much later.

Certainly hope that I included everything you needed to know in order to sign up for the tournament, but in case if you have any more questions, feel free to contact Jugger Latvia via facebook ( , email (, tournament registration page or me personally.

Roberts Silis (

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