Järnsvenskan 2020
Venue: Sverige 71394 Järnboås
Teams: 0 / 22
Start: 2020-06-13 10:00 h
End: 2020-06-14 15:00 h
We will roll again!

The procedure will be almost the same as last year. We have specials in mind, though -- more on that later.

The main newsletters will be distributed through this JTR's e-mail system, and the Facebook event page.
Following a request, we will also publish the newsletters on our website, though personal info will be removed.
More on that later.

And we are amazed how quickly the slots have filled up.
Nevertheless, don't despair if you haven't already registered.
We are reserving a number of slots for international teams of countries that didn't manage to get registered among the first 22 teams.
So if your country is not already on the list, go ahead and register!

But even more teams from countries already present should not hesitate to get in, since there are always drop-outs. The queue will move ;)


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No current registrations are available.

1. Järnboås Järnfalkar Sverige Järnboås
2. Nordische Sport Amatuere (NSA) Deutschland Flensburg
3. Cranium ex Machina Deutschland Hamburg
4. Fischkoppkrieger Deutschland Kiel
5. PRISM Deutschland Mixteam
6. Fhtagn Deutschland Rlyeh
7. Living Undeads Deutschland Hannover
8. Blutgrätsche Deutschland Lübeck
9. Gurkentruppe Deutschland Mixteam
10. Hunters Sverige Lindesberg
11. NLG Deutschland Lauffen am Neckar
12. Juggernauts Deutschland Erlangen
13. Seven Sins Deutschland Sinsheim
14. Bergslagstrollen Sverige Lindesberg
15. Two Towers Lietuva Vilnius
16. Blackthorn Deutschland Düsseldorf
17. Umeå Osport Sverige Umeå
18. Umeå Osport 2 Sverige Umeå
19. Flying JUGGmen Bonn Deutschland Bonn
20. G-Hill Boars Latvija Riga
21. G-Hill Deers Latvija Riga
22. Happy Hippos Deutschland Mixteam
23. Munich Monks Deutschland München
22 team bookings for Järnsvenskan 2020! Please don't hesitate to register your team anyway if you wish to come, especially if your country isn't represented there already.

Some more info completed on the JTR tournament detail page.