Järnsvenskan 2019
Venue: Sverige 71394 Örebro Sign up team Contact Homepage
Teams: 24 / -
Start: 2019-06-08 10:00 h
End: 2019-06-09 18:00 h
The final date is set to **June 8-9**
Please check your calendars. If you cannot participate, please contact us (through the button above) and we will take you off the list.

Note that we reserve 3 slots for teams from other continents, and 5 for Swedish teams (3 already taken) for about four weeks. If they can't join us, teams from the queue will get in as usual.

More details will follow soon.

Website: http://jarnsvenskan.se/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1200652096776691/

Responsible for this entry: Ein Uhu
Team ranking: 20 points
League ranking: no
The operator of this website is not responsible for the organization and execution of this event. The responsibility lies exclusively with the organizer.

Järnsvenskan 2019 - JTR | Jugger - Tournaments - Rankings

1. Hunters Sverige Lindesberg
2. Cranium ex Machina Deutschland Hamburg
3. Fischkoppkrieger Deutschland Kiel
4. Fischkoppkrieger 2 Deutschland Kiel
5. Two Towers Lietuva Vilnius
6. Seven Sins Deutschland Minas Morgul
7. Munich Monks 2 Deutschland München
8. Blackthorn Deutschland Düsseldorf
9. Blutgrätsche Deutschland Lübeck
10. Living Undeads Deutschland Hannover
11. Juggernauts Deutschland Erlangen
12. Gurkentruppe Deutschland Mixteam
13. PRISM Deutschland Mixteam
14. G-Hill Boars Latvija Riga
15. G-Hill Deers Latvija Riga
16. Järnboås Järnfalkar Sverige Järnboås
17. Lahnveilchen Gießen Deutschland Gießen
18. Flying JUGGmen Bonn Deutschland Bonn
19. JK Bergslagstrollen (Team Rosa) Sverige Lindesberg
20. Umeå Osport Sverige Umeå
21. Nordische Sport Amatuere (NSA) Deutschland Flensburg
22. Reserved 1 España unknown
23. Reserved 2 España unknown
24. ЯED JUGGER Rossijskaja Federazija Togliatti
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The final date is set to **June 8-9**
Please check your calendars.
The number of slots will be announced and adjusted when we have 100% confirmation about the date, soon(tm).

Setting it to zero is a just workaround, since the team registration start date cannot be edited.