Tournament information

Venue: España 50160 Zaragoza
Calle de Marín Bagues, Leciñena
A-129, Leciñena
Teams: 30 / 32
Start: 13.04.2013 10:00 h
End: 14.04.2013 16:00 h
Date: 13-14 April
Location: Leciñena, Zaragoza
Cost: 5€/player
Accomodations: Sports Hall, Football Pitch, Breakfast
Game system: Two rounds, saturday swiss system, sunday playoffs. Rulebook soon...
Limits: Max 32 teams. Also 3 teams per city (this might change as registration proceeds).

Extended Information.

The tournament will take place the second (2nd) weekend of April.
You can and should check-in on friday evening (starting at 16:00). Games will start on Saturday morning (10:00) and will last until Sunday (16:00).

Leciñena is a small town close to Zaragoza. It's very easy to spot both the football pitch (right at the entrance of the town) and the sportshall. If you have trouble finding or reaching any location, feel free to contact the organization.

Starts the 15 of February.
Teams have to register following this three steps: 1. Send a preregistration email with the name of the team. 2. When confirmed the first step, pay the team charge (depending on the players) ON THE ACCOUNT PROVIDED. 3. Send a registration email with the teams information.
There is no hurry for the two last steps. Order of registration is settled by the first step.
*Teams registered late (4th, 5th... teams from a city) will remain in a standby list. If there is still room for teams to complete the 32 teams limit, this teams will enter in the list order.
Foreign teams will have preference and facilities.

The SportsHall will be available for all the registered people (thou you might choose not to use it) for both friday and saturday night. There are shower rooms and toilets. During the Game the Sportshall will remain closed (10:00-20:00). It's about 5-10min walking from the football pitch.
The Football pitch is a 6 jugger fields natural grass area. Has shower rooms and toilets. Also has a covered grandstand.
We will provide both days (saturday and sunday) some breakfast.

Therefore we recomend you bring SunProtection Cream, appropiate sports shoes, coat (wind can be pretty bad), either food or cash to get some food for lunch and dinner, sleeping bag and mats (sleeping tents are not necessary, but you might need earplugs).

We assume you want to have time to practice and get used to, so we will provide the rulebook as soon as we have it.
Swiss system. There will be 5 rounds on saturday which consist in: All teams will be in the same group/pool. Each round there is a ranking that will be used to settled the matches making each team play the next team in the ranking (1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, so on...). First round will be random. There is one limitation, teams of the same city can NOT play each other this time.
Play Offs system. On Sunday the 16 first teams in the ranking will get to play a normal playoff, while the 16 last teams will have their own playoff. This way everybody has official matches on sunday. This time, teams of the same city DO play each other.

Example: 5. Plan B (Zgz) 6. Old Ducks (Zgz) 7. Frühlingssüppchen (HH) 8. Spugger (Madrid) Plan B should play against Old Ducks, but on saturday this is not possible because they both are from Zaragoza (just because we want people to play against people that don't usually play against...) so Plan B would be playing Frühlingssüppchen and Old Ducks against Spuggers.

Any doubts can be asked and solved throu the email linked here or in the post in the forum:

The April'2012 spanish rulebook will be used. There is an english translation here:

Greetings from Spain
Team ranking: 21 points
Responsible for this entry: HL Alvaro


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