Järnsvenskan 2017
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Beginn: 2017-06-03 10:00 Uhr
Ende: 2017-06-04 16:00 Uhr

Welcome to Järnsvenskan 2017 (#Rubenstock)

Hidden i the deep forests of Sweden lays the small town called Järnboås, where the heart of the Swedish jugger-community is located. With your help we can make it thrive even more!

Between 3-4 of June Järnsvenskan is going of at Finnsjöstrand. Saturday is set for the pools and Sunday is for finals. There will be a lot more activity like live music, pomfen-battles, BBQ and much much more.

There will be a small fee for the tournament this year to cover unexpected experiences, oh, I mean expenses. This fee will be on 25 Euro per team and can only be paid in advance.

We will be updating this continuously throughout the spring with all the necessary information and happenings.



Välkommen till Järnsvenskan 2017

Gömt långt in i de Svenska skogarna ligger en liten ort kallad Järnboås, där hjärtat av den Svenska jugger-gemenskapen finns. Med er hjälp kan vi få den att växa ännu mer!

Mellan 3-4 Juni körs Järnsvenskan på Finnsjöstrand. Lördagen är avsatt för gruppspel och Söndagen är för finaler. Det kommer att hållas fler aktiviteter så som levande musik, pompå-mästerskap, BBQ och mycket mycket mer.

Det kommer att vara en liten avgift för turneringen i år för att täcka oväntade upplevelser, oj, jag menar utgifter. Denna avgift kommer ligga på 250 kr per lag och kan enbart betalas i förväg.

Vi kommer att uppdatera detta kontinuerligt under våren med all nödvändig information och händelser.



Willkommen zu Järnsvenskan 2017!

Verborgen in den Tiefen der schwedischen Wälder liegt der beschauliche Ort Järnboås, das Herz der schwedischen Juggergemeinschaft. Mit euerer Hilfe können wir es noch stärker schlagen lassen!

Am 3. und 4. Juni wird Järnsvenskan wieder bei Finnsjöstrand stattfinden. Der Samstag ist den Gruppenspielen vorbehalten, am Sonntag folgen die Platzierungsspiele. Viele weiter Aktivitäten sind geplant, darunter Livemusik, Pompfenmeisterschaften und und und — sowie, natürlich, grillen!

Um unerwartete Ausgaben begleichen zu können, erheben wir eine Teilnahmegebühr von 25 Euro pro Team. Der Betrag muss im Voraus bezahlt werden.

Wir aktualisieren diese Infos über den Frühling hinweg und halten euch über Happenings und die weitere Planung auf dem Laufenden!


Verantwortlich für diesen Eintrag: Rickhard
Teamwertung: 18 Punkte
Ligawertung: nein

Järnsvenskan 2017 - JTR | Jugger - Turniere - Ranglisten

1. Hunters Sverige Lindesberg
2. Juggerklubben Bergslagstrollen (Team Rosa) Sverige Lindesberg
3. Nordische Sport Amatuere (NSA) Deutschland Flensburg
4. Fischkoppkrieger Deutschland Kiel
5. Fischkoppkrieger 2 Deutschland Kiel
6. Setanta Ireland Dublin
7. Gallowglass Ireland Dublin
8. The Wild Geese Ireland Dublin
9. Järnboås Järnfalkar Sverige Järnboås
10. Chaos in Action (CIA) Deutschland Flensburg
11. Legion of the Damned Ireland Dublin
12. Flying JUGGmen Bonn Deutschland Bonn
13. Orange Flying KuschelKühe Deutschland Mixteam
14. Juggerklubben Bergslagstrollen (Team Svart) Sverige Lindesberg
15. Blutgrätsche Deutschland Lübeck
16. Living Undeads Deutschland Hannover
17. G-Hill Boars Latvija Riga
18. Silver Horde Deutschland 3 Citys
19. Fellingsbro Deers Argentina -
20. Die Goldenen Reiter Deutschland Dresden
21. Uruk-Hai Lietuva Vilnius
22. G-Hill Deers Latvija Riga
Hello all!

We got some wonderful news today!
We are now expanding the team cap to 20 teams! That's right, so all the team that was on the wait list, up to 20, dose now have a safe spot in the tournament! WOHO!!

We are very happy for this and we hope that you are too! I will let you get on with the planning and we will see you in June!

Best regards
We are proud to present another year of Järnsvenskan. New for this year is that the festival will span over two days instead of one. Do we hear AWSOME or what!

Like the years before we will host Järnsvenskan at Finnsjöstrand. A rural community center located by a lake with big lawns surrounding it. At the site there is a sauna, barbecue, dancefloor, stage, and space for playing both boule and volleyball.
Tents make up the lodging and it is up to everyone participating to make sure they have a big enough space in a tent for sleeping. There are no showers on the site instead we make use of the lake.

Adress: Finnshyttan 320, 713 94 Nora
Coordinates: 59.646869, 14.899041

If you want to take a look at the place through pictures, discuss camping, transportation or anything really regarding the event. Do so on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1161535270620749/

The tournament fee is set to 250 kr (25 EURO) per team, this fee is to be payed the 4th of April 2017 at the latest. If the fee is not payed by then your spot will be offered to a team on the waiting list. Information regarding were to send the money is found under “Important information and things to pack”.

The tournament will be played according to the Swedish juggerrules put in affect by Sjufo (The Swedish Jugger association) http://www.jugger.se/images/pdf/juggerregler.pdf, these rules correspond in full with the German rules that you find through this link: http://www.jugger.org/files/public/rules/jugger-rulebook.pdf

The tournament matches are judged by representatives from teams not active in play. Therefor we expect every team to contribute with at least two possible judges. These judges are expected to be well versed in the rules and also speak English as this is an international tournament.

As the years before there will be possible to buy T-shirts, these T-shirts will be sold at price of 250 kr (25 EURO) and you can only buy them in advance. To make these shirts as amazing as possible we ask you to send your team logo so it can be represented on the T-shirt. The logo is to be sent in the 4th of April 2017 at the latest.

To order t-shirts contact Lisa Karlsson regarding size. The order is finalized with payment marked with your name.

As organizers of this tournament we will like to point out a few important things regarding Swedish law as well as insurances.

We want to inform you that all substances labelled narcotics are illegal in Sweden. There are only three exceptions, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

Narcotics Act in English: http://www.government.se/49cd60/contentassets/3c9ccdab2eb943caadf1e8cc1bfe40ec/excerpts-from-the-act-on-penal-law-on-narcotics-1968_64.pdf
Narcotics Act in Swedish: http://www.notisum.se/rnp/sls/lag/19680064.htm

Alcohol Act in Swedish: http://www.notisum.se/pub/Doc.aspx?url=/rnp/sls/lag/20101622.htm

Pictures taken under the tournament will be used and published in different medias. Observe that you, with your participation in this tournament, agree to that you: give us (Studiefrämjandet, Juggerklubben Bergslagstollen) as organizers full right to publish pictures and video that you figure in. With this agreement you decline any right to further investigation or consent to the pictures. The agreement is valid for all pictures taken in connection with all activities in the program as well as everything concerning playing jugger. Of course this only applies were the organizer own the necessary copy write of the pictures or video.

As organizers we do our best to make sure that that pictures posted are not of the nature that it will damage the person in the picture or video. And we strongly discourage participants to privately publishing pictures figuring drunk or otherwise incapable people. This can seriously damage the person in the picture as well as putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Observe that you need to check with your insurance company to make sure that you are covered if harm comes to you or if your action cause harm to someone or something else during the tournament. Be sure to have valid international insurance if an accident strike. With your participation you have taken part of this information and agreed that your insurance is your responsibility and not the organizers.

Observe that teams including one or more players under the age of 18 have the full responsibility of making sure that the underage participants play and travel with the consent of their guardians. If the guardian is not present in the tournament the responsibility of the welfare of the underage participant falls solely on the team which he/she belong to. In this we expect you to take care of any additional legal documents concerning minors. To make sure that they are safe. The organizers are not responsible for any players or visitors.

Dates to keep track of:
4th of April 2017 – Last day to pay the fee for the tournament.
20th of April 2017 – Last day to finalize orders of t-shirts.
4th of April 2017 – Last day to send in your team logo, this is to be made regardless of if your team members buys any T-shirts.

All costs and fees are to be paid to the following bank account:
Bergslagens Sparbank
8191-9,14 099 329-6

Tournament fee is to be marked with the team name. Payment for T-shirts are to be marked with your full name

As we have teams coming in with airplane, every extra pompfen is welcome. So if you have extra pomfens that you are willing to share with others and the possibility to bring them please do. Also make sure that you have plenty of food and water, one extra bottle is preferable since there is some distance to the closest store. Empty bottles works just fine as well since tap water is drinkable.

Rickhard Nilsén

Juggerklubben Bergslagstrollen:
Lisa Karlsson